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Advantages of Network Monitoring

Take your mind some time back and think about the situation when your server went down and you were not able to manage your business properly. Do you remember how frustrating it was? You must also be remembering the time when a virus entered into your system and erased all your data and it was very tough and costly to resolve it.

Various studies have shown that businesses that are running online are vulnerable to many cyber attacks. Therefore it is very important for you to invest in new security options like network monitoring solutions. Network monitoring keeps a check on your network and ensure smooth running of your system.

You should also make it clear that network monitoring services are not only for big businesses. There are many network monitoring services that are available at affordable rates.

Advantages of Network Monitoring

  • Protects your system from hackers and other cyber attacks- Network monitoring systems are able to recognize suspicious traffic on your system. They alert you immediately as soon as they come to know about any activity that can harm your system so that you can act quickly and protect your digital assets.
  • Makes you understand about your web hosting provider- A network monitoring program helps you know whether the hosting provider you are using is good or not. If your site is facing administrative problems or cannot be properly accessed by your customers, a network monitoring system will help you to know about these problems so that you can solve them immediately without any further loss. It also tells you that whether you should change your service provider or not.
  • Helps you to meet with SLA requirements- Network monitoring services can help you with compliance and asset utilization and therefore they make sure that your business is in good position and have everything to meet with the SLA guidelines.

Network Protection – Are you being too cheap?

Think back to the last time your server went down and you were not able to conduct business – Do you remember how frustrating that was? Or, maybe you experienced a virus or data-erasing disaster – Do you remember how difficult and expensive that was to resolve?

In today’s business environment, there are very few business activities that do not rely heavily on your computer network, email and data programs. When any of these components work improperly, business grinds to a halt – and you lose valuable time and money!

With technology becoming ever more imperative to your business operations and hackers and viruses becoming more sophisticated about accessing your network, you simply cannot afford not to monitor the health and security of your network at all times. A network monitoring system is a great way for a trained professional to watch over your computer network system for slow or failing components, security breaches, and alarms that signify trouble is brewing. It can also detect signs that your backup solution is not working, that you are running out of space on the server, or that a firewall is not functioning properly.

The question is this – If network monitoring is so important, why aren’t more small businesses insisting that their IT service provider put a system in place?

Lack of knowledge – The reality is that many businesses do have their systems monitored and the bigger and more sophisticated the business is, the more critical this becomes. Unfortunately, many IT providers that service small businesses do not know of or have the tools to provide monitoring services. As a result, many small business owners are not being offered this critically important service.

Complacency – If it isn’t broken, why fix it? Please allow us to rephrase this in more realistic terms – If it isn’t broken, it eventually will be and it will cost valuable time and money! Remember, we do not wait to get robbed before we start locking our doors…we lock our doors to prevent a robbery. Network monitoring is an extremely important preventive measure that On-Site Tech Support utilizes to ensure that businesses do not get robbed of valuable time and money due to computer system failures.