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Database & Big Data Server Hosting
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Types of Database

DedicatedSolutions offers four database options for you. Select the best suitable type based on your preferences and requirements, and experience the high performance.

Dedicated Solutions has unparalleled expertise in MySQL, one of most popular open source database in the world. Our decade long
experience in MySQL helps us in providing quality, flawless, and speedy customization and optimization solution for our customers. We are providing thorough monitoring service for your hosting infrastructure, databases, networks, and OS for ensuring your business has
uninterrupted data flow.

MySQL support for customers:

  • Installation assistance
  • Basic troubleshooting help
  • Expert consultancy
  • Configuration support
  • Database Backup service

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Highly talented and experienced professionals are managing your mission critical Oracle database at DedicatedSolutions. We will support you in installation, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and scaling up process of the database, while keeping the database up and running without compromising performance. If you have advanced requirements, you can hire our DBA experts.

Oracle support for customers:

  • Installation
  • Convenient periodical licensing
  • 24X7 support of senior resources
  • Configuration
  • Performance customization based on environment analysis
  • Performance optimization consultancy
  • Troubleshooting
  • Environment monitoring and statistics preparation
  • Live database backup (optional)

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Microsoft SQL Server

We render best in the industry support for Microsoft SQL Server configuration and maintenance. SQL is capable of improving performance significantly while enhancing operational efficiencies in order to save time and money. DedicatedSolutions is serving thousands of
customers, whose server is running SQL, with the help of our dedicated and highly experienced resources. You can hire our specialists for your advanced SQL requirements.

Microsoft SQL Server support for customers:

  • Installation
  • Convenient monthly licensing
  • Performance customization based on environment analysis
  • Configuration
  • Live database backup (optional)
  • Environment monitoring and statistics preparation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cost effective maintenance plans
  • 24X7 support of senior resources

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PostgreSQL Server

PostgreSQL Server or simply Postgres, is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). This open source technology provides utmost importance to extensibility and compliance of standards. PostgreSQL is able to run on Linux, UNIX, and Windows while offering Reliability, efficiency, data integrity, and perfection.

PostgreSQL Advance Features & Support:

  • ANSI-SQL 2008 Standard
  • Generalized search trees (GiST) and generalized inverted indexes (GIN)
  • Handles complex SQL queries
  • Sub queries support
  • Foreign data wrappers
  • Table inheritance
  • Full serializability
  • Asynchronous notifications
  • Online backup

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Relational databases are poorly suited to rapidly incorporate new data types and are not recommended for the storage of semi-structured or unstructured data. NoSQL databases can help with big data plans to get the flood of data in the grip of the companies. We offer NoSQL systems to process much larger amounts of data to store, without hitting performance limits.

noSQL Advance Features & Support:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Unlock performance
  • Scale seamlessly
  • Highly available, scalable
  • Highly redundant
  • Meet mission-critical needs in your open-source big-data environment
  • Environment monitoring and statistics
  • Cost effective maintenance plans
  • Leverage our expertise

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Single Server & Database Clusters

Our default settings cannot be always a good fit for your requirements. This is why we have made our Single server as well as Data base cluster hosting architectures highly customizable.

Single Database Server

The single Database Server is a perfect match, if your web and database use are not that heavy. This architecture is presented to you while keeping performance in mind. Single Database Server is capable of hosting Web servers, website scripts, databases, and all other related files.

Hosting different elements on different folders within the server is the best method in order to improve redundancy. Use Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) technology for the best hosting experience.

  • Cost Effective
  • Simple Architecture
  • Scalability

Clusters Database Server

Cluster Database Server -a high availability solution- provides redundancy improvement, scalability, and high bandwidth for your high web and database usage requirements without compromising performance. A dedicated server is allocated solely for the purpose of hosting your database and it does not allow running web server or any other services. This infrastructure allocates different hardware for running web server and other services.

Web, database, and file storage are properly segmented in Cluster Database Server in order to improve the performance while making the whole infrastructure simple.

  • Performance is optimized
  • Redundant servers for high availability
  • Centralized storage solution
  • Consistent databases

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Hadoop Plus Big Data Server Equals Speed

Apache Hadoop is a java based open source framework for scalable, reliable, and distributed storage and processing of big data that are available on computer clusters. This framework allows scaling up from single server to many servers which are able to offer local computation and storage.

  • Cloud Big Data

    Cloud Big Data facilitates you to provision a robust, Hadoop powered, environment for your data processing requirements.

  • Managed Big Data

    We manage Hadoop for maintaining your big data environment. This allows you to optimize configuration while enjoying reduced operational burden.

  • Dedicated Server Big Data

    We manage private cloud environment and maintain your big data infrastructure to leverage the full efficiency of the dedicated server so that you can focus on your core business.

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