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Plesk Tool Features

Plesk dedicated server management tool is one of many control panel tools that you can use to manage your server, and one of the best ones at that. With almost a decade of development behind it, Plesk has grown to be a competitor to most popular solutions out there. It’s universal support for both Windows and Linux based platforms are what made this such a popular tool for managing your site, and there are many native builds for most popular distros, making setting up a dedicated server a walk in the park even for a beginner.

This is another side of Plesk that is making it very popular tool for managing sites – ease of use. Clean interface with features that are all readily available with just a few clicks, many automated features and actions and top class customer support make Plesk a control panel of choice for many beginners, especially in the corporate environment. It’s a tool that is so easy to use that even people that are not tech savvy can put it to good use. This is reinforced even further through a multi user system that lets different users have different levels of access, making it a perfect tool for a medium or large business. All you need is knowledge of english or several of the other supported languages and you’re good to go, Plesk will let you set up a web server, mail server or any kind of Java service easily.

It’s a powerful web development kit as well, with many processes being automated for user’s convenience. That doesn’t mean the Plesk dedicated server will not let you take control over what’s going on, it just means that many mundane tasks like forming report logs and such are completely automated and don’t need much user input. Easy installation, ease of use, clear control interface and great Linux support, these are the main feature of Plesk dedicated server tool and have made it one of the most sought after panels for the beginners, even with it being a commercial project, not an open source free-to-use one.