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Here at Dedicated Solutions, we know gamers. We know the frustration of a bogged down server and high latency. It’s enough to make you rage quit. That’s why we’re the logical solution for your gaming server. This isn’t some low grade “server” running through your buddy’s Linksys, these are professional, enterprise grade servers on an enterprise network backbone. You’ll experience high performance from the servers and with low latency thanks to that rock solid infrastructure. So if you’re serious about your gaming server, contact us for a quote. We can set you up with a rig that will rival the pros.

  • Low latency, High-Speed Connectivity

    High availability is ensured by 24X7 network health check-up process.

  • Remote Monitoring & Management

    Our control panel helps you to manage and monitor game server remotely.

  • High availability

    We guarantee low latency, high speed, and reliable connectivity worldwide.

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