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International Web Infrastructure Provider based in Columbus, Ohio
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ, provides you with the most-common asked questions. Feel free to contact us on our 24/7 Live Chat or send us an email to [email protected] in case your question is not covered.

Support-related questions

Do you offer a managed support?

Yes, we do, but for extra charge.

What is the benefit of the offered managed support?

By taking our managed support, our customers get a chance to work with our Senior Level System Administrators that is faster and higher quality technical support rather than it is managed by one person only.

What are your managed support plans?

Senior network and firewall support – $139/hour

Cpanel managed plan – $99/m including the charge of $35 for a control panel itself.

Billing-related questions

Is it possible to set auto charge/debit for renewal of my service?

Auto renewal is automatically set up once you purchase an order and agree with our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy not depending on the method of payment you decide to go with.

How do I apply for my 30 day money back guarantee?

If you are not 100% satisfied about our dedicated server solutions within the first 30 days of your purchase on any kind of package, simply contact our support at any time by indicating the reason of the request and we will refund your purchase price. Please contact [email protected].

Do you store the debit card or credit card information?

We only store last four digits of your credit/debit card number, which is necessary for the verification process to be completed.

Can I make the payment without including credit card details into the client’s area?

No, you can’t do it. The system requires including credit card details into your profile.

What do I do if the order is marked fraud and can’t be proceeded?

If the order has been marked fraud but you wish to proceed it, you can request for it in live chat or emailing to [email protected]. However, the company will ask for the evidence you are doing a legal business in order to avoid any suspicious activity and protect our network and other customers.

How do I cancel my account?

To request a server cancellation service, please submit a cancellation request to [email protected] by indicating the reason for cancellation and the time the server should be cancelled, Immediately or by the end of Billing cycle.

What currency do you bill in?

As we are the US company, our dedicated servers are priced in the US Dollars.

Do I get a discount for signing up for longer periods?

Yes. As longer billing cycle you decide to go with, the higher discount will be.

Where can I read your company policies?

In order to purchase our servers, you must agree with the company’s Terms of Services and Privacy Policy

Product-related questions

How soon are accounts set up and ready for use?

The provisioning time is up to 45 minutes after which you’ll be updated with login credentials.

What are the reasons for server suspension/termination?

Your server can be suspended/terminated due to non-payment or ToS violation, as well as upon your request.

Will I receive a notice before my server is suspended/terminated?

If you for any reasons have violated our Terms of Services or your payment has been overdue, you’ll be updated with 2 email notifications sent by our Support Department. First is a server suspension email notification sent to you just after the shutdown of a dedicated server. The suspension notification will inform you that there are 7 days more to fix the issue caused either due non-payment or ToS violation. The server will be terminated in 7 days after a server suspension. A termination notification email will be sent to a customer just after the termination is proceeded.

What are the grace period for a server suspention/termination?

If your payment has been overdue for 3 days after the due date or you have violated out Terms of Services, your server will be suspended at the third day of the overdue date or the exact day we receive an abuse complaint on your server. Once a serever is suspended, you’ll have extra 7 days to deal with either the issue related to ToS violation or non-payment. If the situation doesn’t getting better within the indicated time, your server will be terminated.

What do I do if my server has already been terminated?

If your server has been terminated for any reason whether due to suspicious activity or overdue on payment, there is no way you can get your data back unless there are backups have been foreseen from your side. Before terminating a dedicated server, we update our customers with the due date for the data to be preserved. This is why it’s a customer’s responsibility to check emails from us on time.

Is there a grace period?

If for any reasons your payment has been overdue, you’ll have 3 business days to make the payment in order to keep the server active.


Where are you located?
535 Scherers Ct.
43085 Columbus, Ohio
United States of America

Billing FAQ

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover,Dinersclub) for our services. Money orders and wire transfers are not accepted.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, you will receive after your order an online invoice.

Will you charge Tax fees?

There will be no tax fees if you or your company is located outside of Ohio.

Do I have to manually renew my server?

No. Your server will be automatically renewed by our system.

Do you offer free trial period?

No. However, we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Will I be tied down to a contract while signing up?

No, you will not be. You can order a server with us for as long period you want, as well as cancel it at any convenient for you day. However, with purchasing a dedicated server with us, you agree to use it in compliance with our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

Is there a setup fee for the server?

No. You will not be charged any kind of setup fees.

What is the cost for additional IP addresses?

If the amount of IPs is up to 256 (/24 subnet), the price is $2 per IP. For higher volume of IPs, please contact us directly at [email protected]. In addition, an IP justification form must be filled out – please see our Terms of Services.

Technical FAQ

How do I reset my client area password?

If you forgot your password, you can easily resend it at the Login page at By clicking on ‘I forgot my password’, you will be to to request a password reset with your email address. In case you have not received an email notification with your password, please contact us directly by sending an email to [email protected] or contacting us via our Live Chat.

Where are your datacenters located?

  • Columbus, Ohio, USA (Tier IV)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio (Tier III)
  • Dallas, Taxes (Tier III)

Ping our Data Centers Individually

Feel free to test each of our datacenter location by yourself! Ping one of the following IPs to test the latency.

  • Colubmus, OH –
  • Cincinnati, OH –
  • Dallas, TX –