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Data Migration is simple!

We understand your wish to move your hosted environment, but worry about where to start. It is really simple. Our experts can help you migrating servers, applications, dedicated and virtual environments, and emails to our single/cluster servers without disturbing the environment.


  • cPanel & Plesk Migration

    We guarantee without or minimum downtime for your cPanel/Plesk powered environment migration to our infrastructure. It’s a free service. We have a well defined process and tools for faster migration of your web files.

  • Complex Data Migration and transition Services

    Dedicated Solutions is capable of moving any environment safely to our infrastructure. Our team will help you moving your private cloud environment, applications, domain, and databases. We have a proven track record of cross-platform migration as well.

  • Custom Migrations

    We provide guaranteed custom migration for all environments. Our team is able to move your web or mail servers to our infrastructure even without control panels. Our well documented and tested process methods and tools are helping us to provide flawless custom migration.

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What Can We Migrate?

Virtually everything! Our migration specialists are experts in migrating Cloud, Multiple sites, Servers, Applications, Email servers, Single website, and Enterprise cloud infrastructure. DedicatedSolutions is providing pre migration assessment service as well.


    • Move your dedicated /virtual servers, and cloud hosting infrastructure to our sophisticated single servers, Database Clusters, and dedicated servers.
    • Upgrade your OS. Move images, apps, and data.

    • We help you moving application platform. For eg: from Drupal to WordPress or contrariwise.
    • Migrate your Content Management Systems (CMS), Software as a Service (SaaS) apps, or custom apps to DedicatedSolutions

    • We provide MySQL, SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, and noSQL database hosting service.
    • Move or upgrade your database. Change from SQL to MySQL or the other way around.
    • We have cost effective email solutions such as HostedExchange┬«for you.
    • Exchange Hybrid email offerings of DedicatedSolutions is intended to give you best email experience.
    • Use the best and experience the difference!

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