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Web Hosting & eCommerce Hosting
Ultra scalable, fully managed, and multi-platform web hosting services for your high traffic websites

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Web Hosting & eCommerce Hosting

DedicatedSolutions provides Single Server, Multiple Loadbalanced Server, and customized Global solution that spread across various Data Center locations for your single website, social network, eCommerce platform or any of your small, medium, or large requirements.

Single server web hosting

We have customized plans available for hosting your websites in our dedicated or cloud servers. You can host your websites in our servers with the help of cPanel/Plesk. It is fast, reliable and secure. Our experts will help you to transform a single server as a webserver. This option is recommended for small/medium website owners who require server scalability, security, and performance.


  • Fast and secure web hosting
  • High server bandwidth
  • Able to install specific software
  • Cost effective and scalable
  • Customized and performance optimized web server
  • Able to host multi-user websites
  • Support from experts

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  • Distributes incoming traffic for better performance
  • Fast loading of web pages
  • High-availability and Scalability
  • Improved performance
  • High security
  • Minimum or no downtime
  • Support from expert resources

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Multiple Load balanced Servers

DedicatedSolutions serves you better with our Multiple Load balanced Server solutions for your high traffic website hosting requirements. We allocate multiple dedicated/cloud load balanced server infrastructure for your website hosting in order to ensure high availability. This option is recommended for large ecommerce, social networking, and service providing companies for hosting their websites.

Multiple geographical data centers

In eCommerce, websites and smartphone applications are the backbone of the business. Financial loses and credibility damages are the eventuality of downtime or slowness in page loading of an eCommerce website. We understand this fact so that we are offering cloud server infrastructures that are spread across multiple geographical data centers for your high traffic website’s hosting. Our infrastructure is capable for offering virtually nil downtime. This option is recommended for enterprise level ecommerce, social networking sites, or service providing businesses.


  • High-availability
  • Fast loading of web pages
  • High Scalability
  • High security
  • Multiple user login permitted
  • Customized and optimized servers
  • Dedicated resources
  • Downtime is virtually null

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