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DedicatedSolutions Data Center: Adding Value to Your Business

ManagedThe Data Center is one of the main topics of discussion at meetings of IT equipment worldwide. It is crucial for a company to work more efficiently and generate profits as firms rely heavily on an enormous amount of information stored in data processing centers. In this way, organizations are still trying to reduce costs through simplification and improvement of Data Centers.

Initiatives such as migration, deployment and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are some of the first steps taken by the CIOs to increase the efficiency of data storage on a Data Center. The role of a data center in the designing, deploying and managing services play a crucial role in receiving high-performance results.

The data centers are enormously important in the present day for companies acting as e-commerce and sales, healthcare or any other business that depend on the systems to access patient information. To get an idea of the data center importance, 20% of data stored in data centers in the coming years will be linked to digital patient records. It will enable a surgeon to access information from a patient in the operating room itself or ambulances that have access to accurate data during a rescue.

With each passing year, data center brings many changes, developments and new technologies, especially in the area of storage and servers. For example, to support the new virtual environments found in cloud computing applications, it is necessary that data centers should provide tools and support energy with a dynamic, virtualized environment.

Therefore, the systems and infrastructure of the old data centers do not work as well as the latest facilities. Early systems were designed to a more stable environment, with fewer variation data storage and less scalability. Some early systems also lead to inactivity of a data center due to the following:

  • Human errors
  • lack of standard operating procedures (SOPs), operations maintenance protocol (MOP) and emergency procedures.
  • Lack of preventive measures, including testing and maintenance arrangements
  • Failure conservation or replace the uninterruptible power supply
  • Lack of redundancy, resulting in failures in systems using backups
  • Fault in cooling the data center

The Modern Data Center

The data center is a critical component of any IT department. Therefore, it is essential that data center is designed to deliver services flexibly and dynamically, following the currently required technology and sustainability trends.

Two essential characteristics of a data center are flexibility and scalability. These are necessary for almost all business activities currently online. Therefore, data center projects should be designed with an appropriate infrastructure to support all services and enterprise systems, so that it allows the perfect operation of the center and deliver future growth through adaptation to emerging technologies.

The modern data center infrastructure is designed to increase efficiency through lower energy expenditure, thus optimizing costs and security. These data centers meet some guidelines that the IT team can trust to mitigate system downtime. The service providers should be alert to improve the performance of data centers.

  • Build excellent facilities and establish a computerized maintenance program for each piece of equipment
  • Create a training program teams that define when and how a team should respond to the events of inactivity
  • Institute a quality assurance program that allows operation of local infrastructure as per customer expectations
  • Ensuring the physical protection of the site by building walls, doors and window to provide additional security against natural disasters.

Making full use of our technologies, you can achieve significant improvements in performance of the data center compared to the more common ones. These include:

  • Significant increase in performance of servers and storage systems
  • Energy saving
  • Reduction of licensing costs
  • Reducing the need for space in the computer centers
  • Significant optimization in the management of editing and release
  • Improvement of ROI (Return of Investment)

With many years of experience in the design and successful implementation of Data Center projects, DedicatedSolutions has helped many public and private organizations to transform their communications infrastructure and investment in IT infrastructure. DedicatedSolutions offers high availability and 100% uptime guaranteed! Your server will be hosted in a Tier III or Tier IV data center based on your choice. All data centers are SSAE16 certified, as well as PCI conform. Since we have multiple carriers at each data center location, we can guarantee you an 100% uptime on all our network connections! Besides the uptime, we also guarantee and warrant you that you will have unlimited bandwidth with our unlimited solutions.

Top 5 Keys to Reduce Your IT Costs With DedicatedSolutions

ManagedOne of the main challenges for any company in any sector and at any level is how to reduce costs. Proper use of the right technology at the right time, can help achieve significant savings in different areas of the organization.

The consolidation of infrastructure, migration of legacy technology and outsourcing services, among others, can reduce or avoid costs in you.

Below are the five keys that help you to reduce IT costs without losing efficiency:

Consolidate and virtualize infrastructure

With the consolidation of your infrastructure, you can harness the power of the cloud. Some of your heavy applications get migrated to our platform when you will get the security and performance required for each load job. Similarly, these platforms provide outstanding scalability for Big Data solutions, because it can search Hadoop in one secure partition, adding virtual machines that are necessary to solve complex problems in real time.

Private cloud

The second key is focused on the migration of your products to a private cloud that offer the experience of all solutions on a single platform, with security features, predictive performance, and scalability. You will get an environment that allows the flexibility of virtualization as standard, with specific resources to improve applications performance.

Outsourcing information

The outsourcing of different processes can optimize existing assets, improve service levels and meet compliance requirements and quality on a provider that delegate some functions and data that is critical or not critical to the business. Our consulting services offer data center and cloud transformation services, planning, design and implementation of data center transformation, automation systems, administration and corporate data storage and servers, among others.

Modernize applications

Customers can get more value from their applications, and take a giant leap in productivity (and savings) to regain control of their suites. Demand for custom applications and real-time responses increases complexity, duplication and encourages a lack of skills evident in many companies. It is better to use models such as SaaS, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) like ours to give a company the flexibility required without incurring the costs associated infrastructure modernization and licenses.

Secure your information

It is important that solutions are characterized by having the best quality of identification, security monitoring and geolocation so that companies can rely on the protection of data and physical assets. To know what kind of tools meet the basic safety requirements, we offer dedicated server hardware and cloud computing engineered to the highest performance standards.

Our custom solutions and support for private clouds, disaster recovery, business continuity and high availability provides the high performance hosting infrastructure behind diverse organizations in various countries worldwide.

As you can see, companies can improve the efficiency of the different processes of production, sales and administration; reduce costs and increase their competitiveness through the use of managed services, information and communication technologies. As an added value, its use is also very relevant in finding and communicating with suppliers and customers.

DedicatedSolutions Cloud: An Agile and Effective Solution for Web and E-commerce

Pressure on teams of information systems departments has never been greater and missions tend to move to support better the company’s growth ambitions. Beyond maintenance of computer systems, it is about agility, innovation and cost efficiency to meet the expectations of business and those of clients.

The need to expand operational efficiency and meet consumer demands require a faster IT operation for brands and retailers that put international development in neighboring countries or emerging countries as a priority. It is vital to have the ability to reduce the “time to market” to quickly generate growth in these new markets.

It is a real challenge for the company to dispose of adequate resources and technical expertise to manage in-house data centers, security, legal, content syndication, currencies or languages ​​of the countries where it operates.

To provide an effective operational environment, CIOs must be able to offer turnkey solutions, to capitalize the best practices to all regions and integrating local specificities. It is to avoid having to redevelop and support multiple platforms, technologies and custom developments in each new country.

While the consumer appears to have naturally integrated digital appearance throughout their buying journey, the omnichannel remains a difficult subject to grasp. The merger between e-commerce and physical commerce led these companies to streamline information systems and silos to provide an overall experience seamlessly.

Making the choice of a global platform and natively omnichannel allows you to make features that are found in stores on e-commerce sites. The modernization of trade requires a new type of infrastructure that supports multiple channels, diverse and evolving.

Today, one of the primary concerns of CIOs is to ensure the smooth operation of their trading platform. The Cloud is the most innovative solution adapted to the new challenges of digital commerce that allows IT to streamline effective and efficient infrastructure to implement rapidly innovative projects.

Companies that adopt a cloud solution reduces the complexities of multi-brand trade projects compared to companies operating a traditional software solution.


Thus, the company can focus on what it does best – to develop its competitiveness, growth, and customer relations. DedicatedSolutions provides single server, multiple load balanced servers, and customized global solution that spread across various data center locations for your single website, social network, eCommerce platform or any of your small, medium, or large requirements.

DedicatedSolutions custom cloud offering includes:

  • Hourly or monthly billing
  • Single VM or resource pool
  • SATA to SSD SAN storage
  • VMware, Citrix XenServer, HyperV
  • Compliance hosting
  • Multiple datacenter locations
  • From 3 Servers up to 100s of server nodes
  • Migration and managed service
  • Cloud Stack, OnApp, OpenStack, and more cloud tools
  • Infrastructure consulting to help with planning and architecture

Our experts will help you to transform a single server as a web server. This option is recommended for small/medium website owners who require server scalability, security, and performance. DedicatedSolutions serves you better with our multiple load balanced server solutions for your high traffic website hosting requirements. We allocate multiple dedicated/cloud load balanced server infrastructure for your website hosting to ensure high availability.

Make Your Business Continuity Affordable with DedicatedSolutions Data Migration Services

An increasing number of business and production processes are based on IT systems. The continuity of your business largely depends on an operating IT environment. Without e-mail, an automated accounting and ERP system, most companies cannot function properly.

The management of data is a challenge in the context of today’s data volumes, the growth forecasts and the increasing importance of these data for companies. Data is generated without being considered throughout the life cycle of these data.

A holistic approach to data management and migration is critical due to the following reason:

  • Choosing a partner experienced with your business requirements
  • Understand your security requirements
  • Determine the impact of your current system
  • Data is dispersed geographically
  • Lack of data consistency or data standardization
  • Poor system design
  • Poor interpretation of business rules
  • Backup and Restore can efficiently or not at all be done in the available time
  • Not receiving the expected benefits from storage virtualization and storage management

Data migration touches several critical IT infrastructure modules. It’s often a projected step when businesses deploy new applications, acquire new hardware, or upgrade existing applications.

Data migration is a vital step in these IT operations and any migration problem hinder your business agility and responsiveness. If your data migration plan fails or slows your IT processes, your costs increase. You have no choice but correct the migration, draining your IT resources.


DedicatedSolutions is capable of moving any environment safely to our infrastructure. Our team will help you moving your private cloud environment, applications, domain, and databases. We have a proven track record of cross-platform migration as well. Our migration specialists are experts in migrating Cloud, Multiple sites, Servers, Applications, Email servers, Single website, and Enterprise cloud infrastructure.

  • We offer sophisticated single servers, database clusters, and dedicated servers to move your cloud hosting infrastructure
  • Upgrade your OS, move images, apps, and data
  • We help you running application platform
  • We provide MySQL, SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, and NoSQL database hosting service
  • Move or upgrade your database. Change from SQL to MySQL or the other way around
  • Migrate your Content Management Systems (CMS), SaaS apps, or custom apps to our managed solutions

Our technology experts put together best approach to data migration that leverages your current position. Through our hands-on experience, we make sure to meet your needs, resulting in substantial benefits to the client. Our well documented and tested process methods and tools are helping us to provide flawless custom migration.

Our Managed Colocation – The Platform Built to Perform

The main problem relates to the need for cloud, big data and IT are more storage, higher network speed, enhanced security and increased performance. It is very expensive and complex to address all these needs at once.

Colocation refers to data centers that provide business services such as servers, storage, network and other computing devices with power and cooling to customers. Colocation also includes server monitoring, structured cabling, remote support and hardware leasing.

Colocation data centers serve as a bridge between data centers on site and the change to the cloud. For companies that already have their own server and IT staff to manage their infrastructure efficiently, colocation services offer a cost-effective option that is easy to scale and simplify the consolidation.

Why Use Our Colocation Service?

DedicatedSolutions provides comprehensive colocation services that allow you to meet the need for more with efficient, cost-effective and flexible options. We help you so you can ensure the right solution at the right time to meet your business goals. We have a large global presence that is managed regionally, personalized support and help you so that you can realign your data center resources by the administration towards innovations.

Our colocation centers offer a business and solution flexibility to respond quickly to business and market changes, and easily enhance your service or can make changes to the service, according to your business needs.

With our Colocation, you save costs, time and effort in data centers on site that require the support of your IT Equipment constant maintenance, power and cooling. At the same time, you benefit from all the features and benefits of co-location data center. These include access to managed security or hosting, centralized data storage, backups, firewalls, fire suppression systems and environmental controls.

Each of our data centers offers SLAs for temperatures and humidity, a structured cabling and a 100% SLA availability. Many of the world’s largest corporations and financial institutions use our services.

managed colocation

Our Managed Colocation advantages:

  • Highly secure and redundant data centers and network
  • 24x7x365 data center and account management support
  • On-demand managed and professional services
  • Infrastructure support
  • Tools to remotely manage your environment
  • Data Center Initiative (DCI)
  • Carrier-Diversity
  • Structured cabling
  • Operational excellence
  • One-stop solution
  • Energy efficiency
  • Strong compliance
  • Powerful security
  • Migration support
  • Networked facilities
  • Selection of network access
  • Add-on services
  • Carrier neutral 900+ Carriers

DedicatedSolutions understands that there are business requirements that require the use of another network provider and for that we have carrier neutral 900+ carriers services available.

DedicatedSolutions provides the broadest range of IT outsourcing solutions with end-to-end hybrid IT skills, private and public cloud services, managed hosting, professional services and a range of managed security and storage options.