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DedicatedSolutions Managed Hosting Enables You to Concentrate on Your Business

ManagedFrom software issues to deployment of applications or hardware-related performance problems or the provision of additional infrastructure – all these seemingly everyday tasks contribute decisively to the reliability of the underlying infrastructure that supports your applications and contributes to the continuous development of your company.

However, it may be useful to reduce unnecessary cycles related to the hardware management, so your IT team can focus on business-critical tasks. If companies manage your infrastructure itself, which detracts hardware management often the productivity of IT teams and distracting them from projects that have an impact on the overall operating result.

With DedicatedSolutions Managed Hosting Services, you can concentrate on your business strengths. Managed by dedicated servers, large deck capacity dedicated to the cloud infrastructure and accompanied by extensive experience in the provision and management of the major operating systems, DedicatedSolutions is the perfect partner for reliable managed services for a variety of workloads.

DedicatedSolutions Managed Hosting

The more time your IT staff accommodate to manage the daily nuances of your IT infrastructure, the less they can contribute to projects. DedicatedSolutions Managed hosting can help companies:

  • Convert expenditure of capital to operating
  • Reduce the risk of technological obsolescence
  • Test new technologies quickly and with less risk
  • Expand your business with access to a variety of platforms for managed security, applications and storage of the managed hosting environment
  • Become flexible thanks to the access to on-demand capacity

Many of the companies are relying on DedicatedSolutions infrastructure and benefiting from the advantages of our service-centered, security-oriented and dedicated customer service. DedicatedSolutions has invested in all platforms with which companies can build a hybrid IT ecosystem. Our Colocation Services provides a transition plan to pull equipment and hardware gradually and to make a gradual transition to managed services.

Managed Hosting is the real core of what DedicatedSolutions hosting offers and can be provided in different ways:

OS and Hardware

DedicatedSolutions manages the operating system and the hardware. We provide Linux, CentOS, Windows and other operating systems ready – depending on the choice of our customers. In this way, companies can decrease their cost that goes along with licensing and purchase of hardware and operating system, and also the operational but crucial outsource need for maintenance and patching the operating system environment.

Besides, customers install their own operating system. You retain control of the operating system, and DedicatedSolutions provides just the hardware ready, along with the installation, maintenance, and repairs.


How to migrate to DedicatedSolutions, if you have decided to use us as a hosting provider? To speed up the migration process and reduce downtime or excluded completely, strategic and tactical plans need to be developed. We provide migration services to facilitate the transition.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery strategy is essential for business. Our experts can help you assess your needs and application environments to complement your hosting services. Furthermore, our sales engineer and the account manager will be able to develop high-availability architectures for the production environment. When it comes to disaster recovery, we also use our data centers for redundancy.


Our managed hosting services are complemented by robust security products that can help you spread your business and always protect the changing security threats. We work with operating system vendors to accelerate the appearance of patches, protect the operating system environments against viruses. As for the physical security, our Managed Hosting operates from a secure data center, to which only authorized personnel have access operation.

Managed hosting is only one aspect of DedicatedSolutions broad portfolio of products and services for companies that can transform your business.

Our Managed Colocation – The Platform Built to Perform

The main problem relates to the need for cloud, big data and IT are more storage, higher network speed, enhanced security and increased performance. It is very expensive and complex to address all these needs at once.

Colocation refers to data centers that provide business services such as servers, storage, network and other computing devices with power and cooling to customers. Colocation also includes server monitoring, structured cabling, remote support and hardware leasing.

Colocation data centers serve as a bridge between data centers on site and the change to the cloud. For companies that already have their own server and IT staff to manage their infrastructure efficiently, colocation services offer a cost-effective option that is easy to scale and simplify the consolidation.

Why Use Our Colocation Service?

DedicatedSolutions provides comprehensive colocation services that allow you to meet the need for more with efficient, cost-effective and flexible options. We help you so you can ensure the right solution at the right time to meet your business goals. We have a large global presence that is managed regionally, personalized support and help you so that you can realign your data center resources by the administration towards innovations.

Our colocation centers offer a business and solution flexibility to respond quickly to business and market changes, and easily enhance your service or can make changes to the service, according to your business needs.

With our Colocation, you save costs, time and effort in data centers on site that require the support of your IT Equipment constant maintenance, power and cooling. At the same time, you benefit from all the features and benefits of co-location data center. These include access to managed security or hosting, centralized data storage, backups, firewalls, fire suppression systems and environmental controls.

Each of our data centers offers SLAs for temperatures and humidity, a structured cabling and a 100% SLA availability. Many of the world’s largest corporations and financial institutions use our services.

managed colocation

Our Managed Colocation advantages:

  • Highly secure and redundant data centers and network
  • 24x7x365 data center and account management support
  • On-demand managed and professional services
  • Infrastructure support
  • Tools to remotely manage your environment
  • Data Center Initiative (DCI)
  • Carrier-Diversity
  • Structured cabling
  • Operational excellence
  • One-stop solution
  • Energy efficiency
  • Strong compliance
  • Powerful security
  • Migration support
  • Networked facilities
  • Selection of network access
  • Add-on services
  • Carrier neutral 900+ Carriers

DedicatedSolutions understands that there are business requirements that require the use of another network provider and for that we have carrier neutral 900+ carriers services available.

DedicatedSolutions provides the broadest range of IT outsourcing solutions with end-to-end hybrid IT skills, private and public cloud services, managed hosting, professional services and a range of managed security and storage options.