Make Your Business Continuity Affordable with DedicatedSolutions Data Migration Services

Make Your Business Continuity Affordable with DedicatedSolutions Data Migration Services

An increasing number of business and production processes are based on IT systems. The continuity of your business largely depends on an operating IT environment. Without e-mail, an automated accounting and ERP system, most companies cannot function properly.

The management of data is a challenge in the context of today’s data volumes, the growth forecasts and the increasing importance of these data for companies. Data is generated without being considered throughout the life cycle of these data.

A holistic approach to data management and migration is critical due to the following reason:

  • Choosing a partner experienced with your business requirements
  • Understand your security requirements
  • Determine the impact of your current system
  • Data is dispersed geographically
  • Lack of data consistency or data standardization
  • Poor system design
  • Poor interpretation of business rules
  • Backup and Restore can efficiently or not at all be done in the available time
  • Not receiving the expected benefits from storage virtualization and storage management

Data migration touches several critical IT infrastructure modules. It’s often a projected step when businesses deploy new applications, acquire new hardware, or upgrade existing applications.

Data migration is a vital step in these IT operations and any migration problem hinder your business agility and responsiveness. If your data migration plan fails or slows your IT processes, your costs increase. You have no choice but correct the migration, draining your IT resources.


DedicatedSolutions is capable of moving any environment safely to our infrastructure. Our team will help you moving your private cloud environment, applications, domain, and databases. We have a proven track record of cross-platform migration as well. Our migration specialists are experts in migrating Cloud, Multiple sites, Servers, Applications, Email servers, Single website, and Enterprise cloud infrastructure.

  • We offer sophisticated single servers, database clusters, and dedicated servers to move your cloud hosting infrastructure
  • Upgrade your OS, move images, apps, and data
  • We help you running application platform
  • We provide MySQL, SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, and NoSQL database hosting service
  • Move or upgrade your database. Change from SQL to MySQL or the other way around
  • Migrate your Content Management Systems (CMS), SaaS apps, or custom apps to our managed solutions

Our technology experts put together best approach to data migration that leverages your current position. Through our hands-on experience, we make sure to meet your needs, resulting in substantial benefits to the client. Our well documented and tested process methods and tools are helping us to provide flawless custom migration.