Faced With a Pervasive Cloud, Companies will Build on the PaaS

The cloud will take more and more space in IT spending and business needs in the matter will be complicated, opening the way to PaaS and IaaS. These are the conclusions that could be drawn from two studies published this summer by IDC and Gartner. If the rise of cloud in enterprises, whether public or Read More

Companies Continue to Wage a Battle with DDoS Attacks

DDoS or denial of service attack is an attempt to make the resources of a system unavailable to its users. Virtually all industries are susceptible to this type of attack. DDoS attacks are growing rapidly, and many countries are beginning to create legislation so that they are taken more seriously and treated as a real Read More

Cloud Growth Shows an Uneven Performance by Segments and Geographies

Billing for cloud technology infrastructure (servers, storage, and Ethernet switching) increased by 3.9% in the first three months of the year to stand at $6.6 billion, while a reduction in demand is observed in the field of the public cloud. According to IDC, cloud revenues accounted for 32.3% of total turnover in the IT sector, Read More

Straighten Out the Relationship Between On-premise and Off-premise IT Infrastructure

The market for cloud infrastructure-as-a-service matures and develops very quickly. Strategic suppliers must be chosen carefully. Leading IT users expect more from your service providers. Successful IT outsourcing providers offer a broad, profound service offering that is a variety of IT infrastructure and. As changed the composition of IT services, depending on the priorities of Read More

Set Up Managed Enterprises Resources and Focus on the Company’s Growth

Spend too much time managing your network and infrastructure that they would prefer to use for expanding your business? Let us assume the daily routines that get the performance of the network so that you can distribute your resources on more important projects. DedicatedSolutions managed services offer a customized, fully managed solution with flexible pricing Read More