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October 30, 2014

Small Businesses And Fortune 500 Companies Alike Now Have Low Maintenance, Customizable Server Hosting Solutions Available Backed By A Money Back Guarantee.

Dedicated Solutions, led by Christoph Schmolmueller the CEO of and, is pleased to announce the formation and entry of into the dedicated server market. and both provide virtual services and Mr. Schmolmueller’s clients continually asked for the availability of dedicated servers on an hourly, daily and longer term basis. In response to its existing client base, was founded. Given Mr. Schmolmueller’s experience in the industry, all of the advanced features a user could want or expect are designed into the new service:

  •     rent servers by the hour, day, week and month
  •     Control Panel to manage and monitor resources and bandwidth
  •     1 Gbps and 10 Gbps network interfaces
  •     select the number of disks and raid format by server
  •     servers by city on private VLAN by customer
  •     each server is built on the fly after customer selects the features through the Control Panel
  •     total server control through console interface
  •     CPU, memory and features are customer selectable is already in three USA cities (Columbus, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio and Dallas, Texas) and is expanding to five additional USA cities creating Western and Eastern rings.

In 2015, has plans to add additional cities across two more continents.

Customers’ servers in multiple cities are linked by VLANs providing customers national and global servers and global access to global markets.

The Dedicated Solution Difference

Dedicated Solutions strives to be the high quality, dynamic services and the low-cost leader in the dedicated hosting market for performance hardware, data centers, network and support services. From numerous server configurations to industry standard routing equipment, the suite of hardware provided by Dedicated Solutions makes for stress free performance and is backed by numerous reputable vendors like Dell and Cisco, backed by Tier III and Tier IV data centers in key cities that support fast and secure global networks connected by multiple 10Gbps pipes. Customer support is paramount to clients of Dedicated Solutions, which provides 24-7 technical support along with 99.9% uptime guarantees. Dedicated Solutions also offers 30-day money back guarantees on new customer accounts.

About Dedicated Solutions

Dedicated Solutions was launched in July 2014 by industry veterans Gordon Scherer, CTO, Christoph Schmolmueller, CEO and Paul Keinath, CFO. Although the company is just now formally introducing its information technology products and services to a global audience, its executive managers and staff are not new to the industry, bringing decades of leadership and technical skills that have brought customers quality hosting solutions, carefully cultivated vendor relationships and excellent customer service for many years. The company’s first data center was operational in Columbus, Ohio in 2002, and Dedicated Solutions now has data centers on four continents as of October, 2014.

For more information about server hosting solutions or to sign up for one of Dedicated Solutions’ flexible hosting plans, please visit or call (800) 775-6950.

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